Reiki Sessions

Sharon offers individual Reiki natural healing sessions for 1 hour on her treatment table in your home, hotel, clinic, hospital, retreat and yoga studio. She teaches all levels of Dr Mikao Usui and Karuna Master/Teacher level for you to be able to learn and give Reiki treatments.

Dr Mikao Usui is the founder of Usui Reiki and Sharon has a direct lineage of studying through him via Mrs Takata who brought the system to the west. Sharon has been a Master Teacher for over 15 years and was invited by her teacher to attain Master Karuna Reiki and this system was developed by William Lee Rand to deepen and expand the use of Usui Reiki. ‘Karuna’ means in Sanskrit – ‘Compassionate Action’.

What is Reiki?

Reiki has become a complimentary therapy recognised by the medical professions worldwide. It is a gentle form of healing and is the ancient art of ‘hands on’ treatment which is most welcome in today’s modern world.

The ‘life force energy’, - also known as Ki, Chi and Prana, is an energy medicine form of treatment which can release stress , reduce pain, create relaxation and return the body to a more balanced state of being.

A relaxed body, calm mind and harmonious emotional state can more easily maintain good health and wellness. Reiki can also re-connect you with your own consciousness and deepen the relationship between the mind and body, giving a feeling of wholeness and oneness.

Although Reiki is powerful, it is a subtle and natural healing therapy.

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A Reiki Session and Learning Reiki

On your first appointment, a brief health history will be taken with an opportunity to discuss the main aims of treatment.

The client is fully clothed and lies comfortably on the treatment table. Reiki can also be given in a chair.

The practitioner’s hands remain in stationary positions, gently on or off the body, from head to toe. There is no manipulation of the skin or tissues.

Treatment frequency varies according to the personal goals of the client 

The wonderful part of a Reiki natural healing treatment session is the client does nothing but relax and enjoy.

Learning Reiki is a wonderful gift you give yourself and to others. All levels are offered.  

level 1 is an introduction, history and attunement to the energy and practice.

Level 2 and attunement, (also re-attunements given) learning and working with the sacred symbols understanding their use, benefits and practice.

Level 3 training is often in combination with Master level and Teacher where an indepth look at offering Reiki Healing professionally and for your deepening of Reiki energy in your life can be explored. Attunements are given. You complete the system of training, but of course practicing is part of your ongoing learning and reverence for this energy system and its ancient history. Students receive ongoing support to help develop their Reiki understanding and practice.

Karuna Master/Teacher level is by invitation and after a minimum of 1 year as an Usui Master. The system of Karuna and the training involves attunements, new symbols, and new ways of healing which add to and compliment Dr Usui’s system of natural healing.

Certificates are given for learning Reiki.

Benefits of Reiki

There are a myriad of benefits from receiving a Reiki session. Because it is so healing and has no contra-indications, Reiki is good for everyone and all situations. In addition, animals love Reiki too

Reiki can be used to:

  • Relieve stress & anxiety, fear, depression and grief
  • Calm and steady the emotions and bring feelings of harmony
  • Quieten the mind for clarity, wisdom and peace
  • To help in pain relief and reduction of difficult symptoms
  • Provide a boost to strengthen the immune systems
  • To decrease healing time for injuries, medical treatment, pre and post-operations
  • Helps with spiritual growth, knowledge and awareness

Contact Sharon directly to book your healing treatments and to learn the art of natural healing Reiki.

Fees vary according to a session or level of learning. Payment can be cash or direct into the bank. Cancelation requires 24 hour notice.

Thank-you for all referrals.

Gift certificates are available